Best Putters Under $100 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Putters Under $100

There has been a massive increment in the golf putters’ prices over some years. In the market, there is a diverse number of putters available and many retailers claim that their products deliver the best performance. However, it is not obvious that all expensive products are worth buying.

Though if you have set a budget in your mind, but could not find the best one, I am here to guide you with some budget-friendly products with outstanding performance.

So, in today’s article, I have put together five best putters under $100 but with remarkable execution. However, I have picked each item from top-notch companies like TaylorMade, Odyssey, Orlimar, and Wilson, which never disappoint their customers and always deliver durable products.

Our Top Picks

Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter

Cleveland Golf Huntington Putter

Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter

My first pick is Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter which is a great mallet-style putter. This putter is perfect in every term which not only offers some wonderful technologies, but it also gives a professional appearance at a reasonable price.

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Men's Putter

Other suggestions include Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Men’s Putter that proposes nine different styles and designs and helps you in adopting any style as per your desire.

Thus, let’s discuss each putter and see which one stands out.

List of Five Best Putters Under $100

Each putter has been reviewed in which I have discussed all the basic and unique key features. I assure you, this inclusive review would help you enormously in making your ultimate decision of purchasing the best affordable putters for you in 2021.

Image Product Details   Price
GoSports The Classic Golf Putter - Premium Grip and Putt Putt Style GoSports The Classic Golf Putter
(Amazon’s Choice)
Size: 35 Inches
Color: Black-Silver
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Brand: GoSports
Weight: 1 Pound
Material: Synthetic
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Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter
(Best mallet)
Size: 35 Inches
Color: Black-Red
Hand Orientation: Right
Brand: Wilson Enterprises
Weight: 1.8 Pounds
Material: Stainless steel
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Intech Trakker Mallet Putter 35 Intech Trakker Mallet Putter
(Best blade)
Size: 35 Inches
Color: Black
Hand Orientation: Right
Brand: Intech
Weight: 1 Pound
Material: Steel
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Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Mens Right Hand with Free Headcover Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter
(Innovative features)
Size: 35 Inches
Color: Silver-Black /Red-White
Hand Orientation: Right
Brand: Orlimar
Weight: 3 Pounds
Material: Steel
Check Price
Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Men's Putter #1 Hand Golf club Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Men’s Putter
(Best priced)
Size: 35 Inches
Color: Silver
Hand Orientation: Left
Brand: Cleveland golf
Weight: 1.5 Pounds
Material: Stainless Steel
Check Price

Moreover, a couple of products on the list would amaze you with their innovative features and aid you in taking your golf game to new heights.

1. GoSports The Classic Golf Putter (Amazon’s Choice)

Main Features

  • Shaft length: 35 inch
  • Item weight: 1 pound
  • Product material: Synthetic
  • Rubber-embedded grip
  • Ambidextrous oriented
  • Male and female putter
  • Two-way grip
  • Classic appearance
  • A decent look

This traditional putter is one of the best blade putters considered. which is also the best seller product in the golf market. However, beginning with its construction; this putter is made of high-quality synthetic material which is long-lasting and durable. Moreover, there is a rubberized grip which is also very beneficial when you play golf in summer seasons; the rubber avoids sweating and slipperiness in your hands.

Besides, the GoSports classic putter has an ambidextrous head that can be easily removed and you can change its direction whether you are a left or right-hand player. Its 35-inch long shaft is adequate enough to hold and swing with more accuracy.

However, if you are looking for improving your alignment, this putter does not have any alignment line to aid your alignment. Otherwise, once you purchase this putter, it is the best investment in not more than $100.


  • This putter is built with an ultra-quality synthetic alloy that keeps the club tough and robust.
  • Its premium quality construction enhances your putting performance by keeping the perfect balance of weight and power.
  • Its grip is rubberized which holds the friction in your hand and prevents slipperiness.
  • The 35-inch long shaft is perfect for both males and female.
  • This putter has a two-way head and grip which is ideal for both-handed golfers.


  • There is no alignment line on its head for aligning guidelines.
  • This putter is not ideal for long-time games because of its sleek blade design.
  • Beginners need to practice to become proficient

2. Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter (Best mallet)

Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter

Main Features

  • Shaft length: 35 inch
  • Item weight: 1.8 pound
  • Product material: Stainless Steel
  • Right hand oriented
  • Easy alignment design
  • Vertical seam grip
  • Micro-injection polymer face insert

Who is unaware of Wilson company in the golf industry? This brand always introduces its buyers with outstanding and unique products. The Wilson harmonized putter is the best mallet-style putter which comes with some amazing features to enhance your game. There are integrated alignment lines on its head which assist in precise alignment.

Additionally, some other features offered by Wilson Staff Harmonized putter like the Micro-injection polymer face insert which makes it easier for you to contact with the ball through which you can wonderfully putt the ball right to the hole. Furthermore, this putter has a thicker grip to hold and swing the putter more straightforwardly.

Let’s come to its exterior; this putter looks pretty professional. When you hold this putter in your hands, you look like a pro golfer. Besides, this putter is built with stainless steel that looks super shiny and sleek to give it a trendy appearance.


  • This putter contains some horizontal lines on the head to heighten the alignment.
  • Its 35-inch regular shaft has a perfect length to make a straight swing.
  • The color contrast aids you see the alignment line more clearly.
  • There is a face insert feature that improves stroke interaction with the ball.
  • The heel and toe weighting maximize the moment of inertia.


  • This putter may be too light for pro golfers.
  • It has sharp edges that could be harmful to your greens.
  • It is not great for left-hand golfers.

3. Intech Trakker Mallet Putter (Best blade)

Intech Trakker Mallet Putter 35

Main Features

  • Shaft length: 35 inch
  • Item weight: 1 pound
  • Product material: Steel
  • Right hand orientation
  • Subtle alignment features
  • Plumbers neck hosel
  • TPU and soft face insert
  • Design is semi-mallet

This Intech semi-mallet style putter enables you to strike the ball with more precision and responsiveness as related to other blade style putters. Besides, this product comes in four different series with variant shapes, sizes, styles, and designs.

Moreover, the Intech Trakker mallet putter features a classic head shape which is durably constructed with superlative steel. However, this putter is painted ash black shade which makes it remarkable and robust in terms of physical appearance. This putter features a plumber neck hosel to keep your hands ahead of the putter. Yet, the aligning lines are very simple with this product that are not very distinct for enhancement.

Thus, this product is one of the putters in the list which offers great execution as well as a charming appearance. If the larger and heavier cub-headed putters do not suit you, then you should go for the Intech Trakker putter which has a great weight distribution to swing it in a balanced manner.


  • This putter is extremely affordable to buy, yet offers several features.
  • Its design is very classic which seems in-between the mallet and blade style.
  • The soft face insert helps to strike the ball consistently and makes a satisfying sound.
  • An alignment aid is also there on the head top to make your stroke clear.
  • This putter has an extremely lightweight and balanced distributed weight.


  • Its alignment line is very thin to see it clearly.
  • This product is only best for right-handed and higher handicap players.

4. Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter (Innovative features)

Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter Mens Right Hand with Free Headcover

Main Features

  • Shaft length: 35 inch
  • Item weight: 1.8 pound
  • Product material is tough Steel
  • Right hand orientation
  • High MOI design
  • Soft TPU face insert
  • Contrasting bi-color sightline
  • Free headcover along with the product

Here comes another very affordable mallet putter with the best aligning aids on it. If you are questing for a bold, trendy, and unique putter, then go for the Orlimar Tangent Putter. This putter consists of a thick aligning line on its head with very rich color contrast to visualize it clearly.

Other than this, the Orlimar Tangent T1 putter carries some exclusive technologies such as the Soft TPU face insert provides you with more feel while putting the ball into the hole. Also, it has a high Moment of Inertia through which you would be provided with more additional forgiveness over every stroke.

This putter is manufactured with tough steel which is enduring and lasts longer. Yet, with frequent use of this putter, its metallic paint may peel off. However, it comes along with a free cover head to protect your product.


  • This putter comes along with a headcover to prevent it from weather and filthy grounds.
  • Its light-dark color contrast makes the alignment line more visible.
  • This putter also presents an upset hosel to keep your hand upfront for the upward shot.
  • There is a wonderful feature of TPU inserts for smooth and responsive stroke.
  • The distributed weight helps you swing the putter straightforwardly.
  • The shaft is long enough to hold by average or even taller golfers effortlessly.


  • Its thicker grip is not very easy to hold the putter, especially if you are a beginner.
  • The colored layer may come out after frequent use.

5. Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Men’s Putter (Best priced)

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Men's Putter

Main Features

  • Shaft length: 35 inch
  • Item weight: 1.5 pound
  • Product material is Stainless Steel
  • Hand orientation is left
  • Nine different head designs
  • Each designed with a specific stroke
  • Speed Optimized Face Technology
  • Low center of gravity

Another amazing blade putter which offers nine different styles and designs of head to permit you to adopt a customized design as per your need. All designs are made of first-class stainless steel which is a robust and tough material. This putter comes with some innovative technologies which can be compared to other high-priced products in the market.

Not only this, there is a Speed Optimization Face Technology that produces more consistency to control the distant speed stroke. However, if you are seeking to develop your game using alignment aid, there is no alignment line on this putter. Also, this putter is the only ideal for left-handed golfers.


  • It offers nine different head designs with numerous lengths, which make customization easy for players.
  • This putter carries features that can be compared to its competitors in the market.
  • The SOFT technology produces more stable distance control.
  • Extremely affordable to buy.
  • The low center of gravity develops a soft feel and stability.


  • It is ideal for left-hand golfers only; right-hand players may need to see some other option.
  • Its edges are too sharp at first which may harm your clubs.
  • If you like slid putting impact, then it is too soft for you.
However, if you do not have any budget issues, you may check the list of best putters 2021.

Final Verdict

I hope this article on best putters under $100 has helped you enormously in deciding and picking the ideal product for your personal use. In this site, I selected some best models on the basis of personal experiences and customer reviews. However, all products include a mallet, semi-mallet, and blade putters, hence, whatever style you like you can make an investment in a very low budget. Yet, if you are still under the conditions of havoc, I would give my recommendations as our top picks so that it takes no time to make your final judgment.

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