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best disc golf putters 2021

Putters are the central part of the golf sport, and they have taken much recognition over a century. However, the disc golf game brings a nostalgic feeling ironically and makes you go back as early as the 1900s. The disc golf which is also known as frolf, has been into more than forty countries all across the world and gets much appreciation by every age of player. Nevertheless, this game can be played both professionally and casually with friends and families to make the moments more memorable.

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According to the PDGA Association, Disc golf is played greatly similar to that of golf. However, the golfers use Frisbee or Discs instead of Balls or Clubs in the game.

Anyhow, in order to play this game excellently, you must need the best putters for disc golf which is built durably and executes the target outstandingly. If you are searching markets to get a robust yet trendy disc golf putter, then you visited the perfect site. Getting a putter could be an effortless task, yet attaining the best one could be quite hard. Thus, let’s get started with our top-five list and see which one works out the best.

List of top Five Best Putters for Disc Golf 

I have reviewed our top 5-disc golf putters of 2021 from top sellers and compared them with one another. These putters have been reviewed on the basis of personal experiences and feedback of the users.

Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
Discraft Starter Pack Beginner Disc Golf Set (3-Pack) 1 Driver, 1 Mid-Range, 1 Putter (Assorted Colors) Discraft Starter Pack Beginner Disc Golf Set
(Amazon Choice)
Manufacturer: Discraft
Material: Plastic
Weight: 135-175 gm
Color: Multi
Set: Pack of 3
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Innova Disc Golf Set – Driver, Mid-Range & Putter, Comfortable DX Plastic, Colors May Vary (3 Pack) Innova Disc Golf Set – Driver, Mid-Range & Putter
(Best Seller)
Manufacturer: Innova
Material: Plastic
Weight: 140-150 gm
Color: Multi
Set: Pack of 3
Check Price
Innova DX Valkyrie Golf Disc (Colors may vary) Innova DX Valkyrie Golf Disc
(Pro Putter)
Manufacturer: Innova
Material: Plastic
Weight: 170-176 gm
Color: Multi
Set: Single pack
Check Price
Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Set 3 Disc Pro Pack Bundle and Small Bag Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Set
Manufacturer: Kestrel Discs
Material: Polymer Plastic
Weight: 172 gm
Color: Multi
Set: Pack of 3
Check Price
Discraft Limited Edition Paul McBeth Signature Jawbreaker Luna Putter Golf Disc Discraft McBeth Signature Putter Golf Disc
(Limited Edition)
Manufacturer: Discraft
Material: Jawbreaker Plastic
Weight: 175 gm
Color: Multi
Set: Single Pack
Check Price

To help you in making your decision more easily, the pros and cons are also discussed with each product.


1. Discraft Starter Pack Beginner Disc Golf Set (Overall Best Product)

Discraft Starter Pack Beginner Disc Golf Set (3-Pack) 1 Driver, 1 Mid-Range

The top first product that I have discussed to initiate our list is Amazon’s best choice. The Discraft Starter disc putter pack is the best option for beginner disc golf players who want to enhance their throw. Not only this, this starter disc golf set comes in the pack of three discs; the putter, the mid-range, and the driver. This pack of three is ideal to improve your disc throw practice and speed. However, each of the discs hold different weights to make a difference in each throw.

Now, let’s talk a bit about its manufacture. This product is built with superior quality plastic which is durable. Moreover, you can estimate its excellence by getting to know that this product is made in the United States and is used and enjoyed by many disc golf players.

Besides, these discs weigh from 135 to 175 grams which are considered as extremely lightweight to throw easily. This putter pack comes in three different captivating colors that make them appear clear wherever you throw it. I don’t think you would get the pack of three gold discs at such an amazing price with great performance and brilliant color options.

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  • This product comes in a pack of three with different disc types.
  • Each disc carries a different weight according to the gap between disc and basket.
  • These discs are specifically intended to improve your disc golf practice and ideal for beginners.
  • The color contrasts are exceptional so that the putter could be seen easily.


  • You may find the discs very lightweight to change their direction with the breeze.
  • The edges are a little hard to feel which are curved backward.

Customer Reviews

  • Colin Maxfield

When I ordered this product, I got this pack of 3 and I was super excited in using them. I played the game with my friend. The colors are super amazing. Each disc is very lightweight and covers a large distance.  

  • Mckenzie H.

It was my first experience when I ordered Discraft starter pack. This product has helped me a lot in learning golf disc. They’re pretty good! Also, its shape is very fascinating which can be gripped easily. I’m happy that I’ve got a wonderful product at a good price.

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2. Innova Disc Golf Set – Driver, Mid-Range & Putter (Best for Beginners)

Innova Disc Golf Set – Driver, Mid-Range & Putter

Here comes another pack of three beginner’s packs which is constructed by Innova manufacturers. This model is also specifically made for the beginners who are looking forward to developing their disc golf skills and want to become conspicuous in the game.

The Innova disc golf set comprises every feature that is needed to begin and end the game. However, just like the above product, it also includes three discs; a putter and two drivers. Not only this, there are also several other accessories along with this product. Such accessories include a mini marker disc and a packing box to hold the discs and move them with you.

Furthermore, these discs also vary in colors and weight. The premium quality material has been used in this product which is constructed in California. Nevertheless, the weight of this model ranges from 140 to 150 gram. Thus, this set is best to achieve the long-distant target because it can cover large spaces.


  • The set comprises three different discs which cover different distance lengths.
  • Each disc has the credibility to cover large space and glide farther.
  • You would also get a mini disc marker to mark your lie for the perfect goal.
  • A plastic box also comes along with the putters to put this in and move it with you.


  • This disc is only ideal for beginners; if you are a pro, you may not find it precise for you.
  • The set includes two drivers and one putter; there is no built-in mid-range. 

Customer Reviews

  • Troy Reed

Worth picking from beginners to intermediate level! I got the set of three discs in dissimilar colors and every color is unique from other. All the discs are decent and outclass which helped me greatly when I was learning the game. Love it!

  • Christopher Ryan

Versatile discs for friends and family fun. Recently, I saw a family playing disc golf in a park near my home, so I also decided to order disc golf putters. When I got my parcel, the packing was so good. The size and styles of discs are amazing… also, I love the shades.

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3. Innova DX Valkyrie Golf Disc (Best for Pros)

Innova DX Valkyrie Golf Disc (Colors may vary)

If you are a pro disc golf player and looking for disc golf putters which are manufactured with premium material, then the Innova DX Valkyrie golf disc is ideal for you. The Innova is one of the top-notch brands which deliver excellent disc golf putters.

Moreover, the Valkyrie DX disc contains a great-speed turn and flight feature that helps you cover the long distances between the putter and the goal. Besides, the Innova DX Valkyrie holds the world record of covering the highest distance of 820 inches which could be amazing news for you.

These discs come in very light weight which assists the disc golfer to throw the putter as maximum as possible and give you the opportunity to throw it to the extreme range to stand out the game. However, the lighter the disc weight is, the maximum distance it covers.

Though, this disc does not come up with other two pieces, yet, the roc is perfect to achieve the target, usually, this is the roc which is used by most pros, and this mid-range disc is perfect for backhand throw that provides the precision at any range.  


  • This golf disc putter is ideal for backhand throw to achieve the right target.
  • The roc disc driver is best for pros that delivers an accuracy while covering the distance.
  • It consists of a high-speed turn and flight feature that gives it the credibility to travel large spaces.
  • This putter has a narrow rim that provides you with more control to the driver.
  • This product is constructed by one of the best manufacturers.


  • Beginners need some practice with this putter to get the control over it.
  • Due to very light weight, you may find the product a bit fragile.

Customer Reviews

  • Cortex

This disc is great for every skill level. I tried many other putters to improve my disc golf game, but I was always unable to achieve my target. I would only say, this disc has improved me a lot, that I can say myself a pro.

  • Amazon Customer

Easy to throw and easy to grip! This putter designed in a perfect size and style which is very easy to hold and throw. It is a fine driver to grip on it more easily.

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4. Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Set (Budget-Friendly)

A super affordable disc golf putter which also offers the set of three discs. The brand Kestrel Discs has specifically intended this product for you to improve your game. However, this product is best for both beginners and expert disc golfers to fly the disc farther and straighter than you did in your previous games.

Additionally, you would get this set in a disc golf bag which is large enough that can carry up to 12 golf discs. There are several pockets in the bag to carry your stuff such as a water bottle while playing the game. Each disc carries the same weight that varies from 165 to 175 grams. Yet, every disc covers a different range with high speed more abruptly that helps you accomplish your target.

Other than this, there is an eBook along with the set which gives you guidelines about each putter and helps you improve your moves and play the best. No matter if you are a pro or beginner, the eBook helps you a lot in enhancing your game to make you notable in the ground.


  • Along with this product, you get a bag that can carry probably 12 putters in it.
  • This bag comprises several pockets to hold additional stuff inside.
  • An EBook is there for guidelines to improve your targets and steps in the disc golf.
  • The set is ideal for both golfers either learners or experts because of the efficiency.
  • This putter delivers tremendous accuracy, durability, and ultimate target.
  • You can purchase this putter at a quite reasonable price.


  • The discs are a bit heavier than average which may be hard to control.
  • The fabric and stitching of the bag is unreliable.

Customer Reviews

  • Robert Hacker

It is a great set for all levels of players. Firstly, I doubted this product while ordering because of its low price, but when I received my order, it was exactly how it was shown and described. Highly recommended!

  • Informed Customer

The Kestrel Disc Golf bag and 3 starter discs is worth buying. I really liked the bag which is well made and holds up well to heavy use. I also like the discs set. Since I am a beginner, the heavy weight is a little hard for me to manage. Anyways, great product and value.

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5. Discraft McBeth Signature Putter Golf Disc (Limited Edition)

Discraft Limited Edition Paul McBeth Signature Jawbreaker Luna Putter Golf Disc

As the Name depicts, this putter is designed by Paul McBeth, which is the signature putter and is available in limited edition. However, this putter is personally one of my favorite products because the material which is used in building this putter is a unique plastic known as jawbreaker plastic. This putter has been reviewed by many customers and has ended up with extensive durability and toughness.

Furthermore, this product is our best seller product since it delivers an excellent performance and long range to cover the distance. Many proficient disc golfers use this putter and are satisfied with this product. However, this putter is a bit heavier than the average putters, that weighs probably 175 grams. Its weight allows you to control the putter with precise accuracy.

When you purchase this item, you would find a featured hot signature stamp of Paul McBeth on the putter which would make you eye-catching amongst the players when you hold this putter in your hands. Nevertheless, when you order this product, the color may vary from one another.


  • This putter flies as straight as an arrow and approaches right on the mark.
  • Its weight is heavier than other putters which makes it extra stable and controllable.
  • The utter is perfect for both forehand and backhand throws.
  • When you throw this putter, it travels shallow and flat, straightly.
  • This putter is made of unique jawbreaker plastic material which makes it long-lasting.
  • It appears more captivating with the featuring signature sign on it.


  • Its weight is not ideal for beginners.

Customer Reviews

  • Ian T

It is a great putter for my gaming style. The grip is very nice… not too thick, not too deep. It helps a lot in my game and honestly, I have won many games with this putter.

  • Amazon Customer

I wanted to gift this putter to my dear friend who is a pro disc golfer. When he received this product, he just loved it. He liked everything about the putter, the grip, size, design, specially the signature on it. Much Suggested!

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Ultimate Decision

I hope the list of our top-5 products assisted you greatly in deciding which golf disc putter you should go for. You must have seen, each product amongst five is manufactured from top-notch disc putter brands which deliver excellent performance.

Thus, if you could not decide which putter is best for you and looking for suggestions, then I would give the buyer’s guide, so let’s jump on our top picks.

Our Top Picks

Discraft Starter Pack Beginner Disc Golf Set

Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Set

Discraft Starter Pack Beginner Disc Golf Set is the overall best product which comes in the set of three. This putter set is particularly designed to improve your disc golf game; no matter you are beginner or a pro, this product is perfect for both.

Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Set 3 Disc Pro Pack Bundle and Small Bag

Kestrel Discs Golf Pro Set is an affordable product which comes along with a bag and an EBook. If you are seeking a budget-friendly, yet reliable disc putter, this one’s for you. 

Tips to Improve Disc Golf Putting

Putting is harder than it looks. There are a lot of aspects to consider while putting the golf disc into the basket, which you may miss. So, I will discuss some tips for becoming an outstanding putter.

Putter Grip

Having a bad grp on putter can easily set up for failure when you are putting. So, one of the best thing you can do is to develop a constant grip in which you feel comfortable while throwing the putter. When you are putting the disc, make sure that you grip it the same every time to putt it brilliantly each time.

Putting Style

Everyone putts the disc in their own manner, yet if you are learning disc putting, it is better to observe the proficient disc golf players and try to adopt their style of putting the disc. However, while practicing their style, you would eventually find your own style of putting. Lastly, by putting in different styles, adopt that one style which suits you the most.

Stroke Force

Force is everything which makes you achieve or miss your target. Do not reduce or induce the power while putting the disc into the basket. Try to stroke the putter with an average force by keeping an eye on the goal and the putter would drop right in the basket.


Once you have identified your grip and putting style, the crucial thing to do is practicing. You have to drive your putter going exactly into the golf basket and nothing can make you an expert until you practice enormously. So, when you are standing ready to make a disc golf tournament, you should have that confident, which comes from unlimited practice.

However, if you are a beginner and have never been into the disc golf game, you need to go through an in-depth guide about how to play disc golf and some tips to take your game to the next level.


1.    What should be the ideal weight of the golf disc putter?

The appropriate weight of the putter disc is between 170 and 175 grams which provides the ideal accuracy, however, the heavier the putter is, the more controllable it would be. Also, the heavier discs drop easily into the target basket.

2.    What putter material is best and affordable for beginners?

The best option in putter is probably DX plastic, which is durable and ideal for beginners. Also, this material has a pretty reasonable price and easier to throw.

3.    What important factors should be seen while buying the best disc golf putters?

The most important aspect which should not be overseen while purchasing the putter for disc golf is its consistency. Consistency is everything which helps you in improving your disc golf game. However, while purchasing the putter, take a test and make a decision.

4.    What are the best disc golf putters for kids?

In our list, the best disc golf putter is Innova Disc Golf Set, which is specifically designed for beginners and children from the age of 6 to 12. This disc is extremely lightweight which can be held and thrown easily by the kids.

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