Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very crucial and as important for us as for you. It is our responsibility to respect your privacy with regards to any information or data that we gather from you through our website or blogs you visit.

We only need your personal information unless you ask us to provide our services to you. We gather such information by getting your permission through the right and legal ways. When we ask for your information, we definitely let you know our purpose of collecting this data and where we would use it.

We keep this data to our record until we need it to deliver you our services. Yet, the information we hold is surely secured in our records and we prevent it from getting lost or stolen through some unlawful access.

We do not share such data, specifically your identity or personal information with any third party or public unless it is required by the law.

It is possible that our website may have connected to some external sites which are not run by us. So, be conscious of such sites because we do not control such sites and we are not responsible for their particular privacy policies.

However, if you do not want to share any of your information with us, you can simply reject the request. Yet, it is possible that without getting your important information, we may be unable to provide you with our best services.

If you constantly visit and use our website, it would be reviewed as an approval for our website regarding your personal information. If you still have any misunderstanding about how we take your information and how we use it further, don’t hesitate and contact us.