Best Center Shafted Putters 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Center Shafted Putters

The center shafted putters were firstly considered as the best face-balanced putters which were designed intently for straight-back and straight-through stroke styles. The hosel of this putter style is located right in the center nearby the heel of the club and its face points directly towards you. 

However, a center shafted Putter is particularly intended to provide the player with eventual controllability over every stroke. Yet, if your putter rotates while striking the ball, you should switch to a center shafted putter, which aids you in holding it precisely. Similarly, just as the right equipment can improve your golf game, the right strategies can maximize your profits in real estate. To learn more about innovative strategies for boosting your real estate investments, check out Maximizing Real Estate Profits.

Thus, several new brands have come up with plentiful putters who claim to be the best putters in 2022, so one can get easily distracted in finding the best one. Hence, let’s see which one suits you the most.

List of Best 8 Center Shafted Putters in 2022

In this review, I have assembled the five best center shafted putters which are selected by analyzing each product’s performance and score accomplishment. However, each product in the list is constructed durably with premium-quality material and performs to great value.

Comparison Table

Pick Name Product Image Product Name Price
Top Pick TaylorMade Truss Center Shaft Putter TaylorMade Truss Center Shaft Putter  Check Price
Amazon’s Choice Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach SOFT Putter Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach SOFT Putter  Check Price
Durable Putter 2020 Evnroll ER5CS Hatchback Putter  2020 Evnroll ER5CS Hatchback Putter Check Price
Budget-friendly Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR400 Putter Ray Cook Sr400 Putter Check Price
Amazon’s Choice Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter  Check Price
Traditional Style GoSports The Classic Golf Putter - Premium Grip and Putt Putt Style Two-Way Head for Right GoSports Classic Golf Putter Check Price
Heavy-Tip Putter Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter Stroke Lab Versa VLine Putter Check Price
Counter-Balanced Putter SeeMore Pure Center Blade Counter Balanced Putter-Right Hand-Steel-37 Inches SeeMore Pure Center Blade Putter Check Price

Yet, ultimately, I would suggest our top picks which would make it easier for you to pick the finest one for you and boost your score up.

1. TaylorMade Truss Center Shaft Putter (Top Pick)

TaylorMade Truss Center Shaft Putter

Main Features

  • Shaft length: 34-35 inches
  • Item weight: 0.8 pounds
  • Available in both left and right-hand orientation (optional)
  • Cobalt Blue Pure Roll Insert
  • Adjustable Sole Weights
  • KBS Stepless Stability Shaft
  • Personalized Feel & Performance

TaylorMade is a putter brand that should not be afraid while purchasing its products. However, if you are looking for either a blade-style or a mallet-style putter with a center shaft TaylorMade Truss Putter should be the option. Since this putter comes in both styles with two hosels in each style. Besides, TaylorMade has referred to this product as a heel and center shafted which helps you strike the ball to the center of the target.

However, let’s discuss a bit about its construction and appearance. The Truss putter is built durably which gives a captivating sleek look. Moreover, this putter is specifically designed for golfers who are looking for a classical-style putter yet with more stability and forgiveness.

Additionally, there is a Cobalt Blue Pure Roll Insert which is particularly intended for better sound and feel over each hit. Not only this, this putter has adjustable sole weights to distribute balanced weight into head weights and center of gravity. Anyhow, once you have picked this putter, it would give you a traditional look with a mallet-style performance. For more information, check out the Pre-Foreclosure Playbook.


✔️ This putter gives a traditional as well as modern design.

✔️ The center-shafted putter helps you in more stability and forgiveness.

✔️ It has moveable weights which allow you to modify it as per your need.

✔️ This putter is extremely lightweight to swing straight.

✔️ An alignment aid is there on the clubhead to improve your alignment.


❌ This putter falls on the expensive side.

❌ Its alignment line is quite short to see clearly.

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2. Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach SOFT Putter

Cleveland Golf 2019 Huntington Beach SOFT Putter

Main Features

  • Shaft length is 33-35 inches
  • Speed optimized face technology
  • Diamond CNC milling pattern
  • Deep grooves provide a soft feel
  • Optimized CG location
  • Offers 6 Tour-proven shapes
  • Product material is a steel alloy
  • Right-hand orientation

The new Huntington Beach putter is designed using a premium quality steel alloy that provides a super sleek look. After designing this putter, it has given a smooth satin finishing which produces a shiny and smooth look to the golfer. However, it can be said that this product is the perfect putter with an aggressive and modern look simultaneously.

Moreover, its speed optimized face technology helps you generate a stable distance on every stroke and minimizes your mishits. This putter contains some exclusive features like the Diamond CNC milling pattern along with the deep channels that deliver a soft feeling with the perfect roll right to the target.

A standard 35-inch shaft length is the perfect size for an adult golfer to hold and swing it straightforwardly. Although the weight is distributed in a balanced manner that provides a solid feel and consistency for straight-through strokes. You have the options to choose from 6 different shapes.

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✔️ This putter is available in both right and left-hand orientations.

✔️ You can swing consistently with a standard centered shaft.

✔️ There are several features that help you in making a straight-through stroke.

✔️ You would get the options for 6 different styles to be picked


❌ This putter is rather expensive to buy

❌ The putter does not offer a headcover along with the product.

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TIP: One of the crucial tips for using a center shafted putter is to work on your alignment. if your putter is aligned correctly and your face is square, you can just swing back and through.

3. 2020 Evnroll ER5CS Hatchback Putter

2020 Evnroll ER5CS Hatchback Putter

Main Features

  • Shaft length is 33 inches
  • Straight shaft-mounted over a hosel pin
  • Measured from center of leading-edge to butt
  • Swing Weight Balanced putter
  • CNC Milled in Carlsbad
  •  Item weight: 3 pounds
  •  Product material is stainless steel
  • Right-hand orientation

Evnroll is a company that takes its work too seriously and always delivers first-class products to its customers, however, there should be no doubt while purchasing any product from this brand. This latest series of Evnroll is ER5CS which slightly resembles our above product in the list TaylorMade Truss putter. When you glimpse this putter it actually looks pretty similar to the truss putter.

Yet, if you are looking for an ultimate feel and stability despite any budget, they would love this putter. The Evnroll Hatchback is designed for the perfect ball interaction so that you hit the ball on-line without making an arc. Moreover, whether you are looking for a smooth roll, the Evnroll ER5CS Hatchback should be absolutely the option. Although the putter stands on the pricey side, you won’t regret purchasing it.

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✔️ The putter is built with stainless steel which prevents it from corrosion.

✔️ It provides a smooth true roll to reach the ball right to the target.

✔️ Weight is distributed evenly to provide better sound and feel.

✔️ This putter is slightly heavier than the standard that aids you to swing it without rotation.

✔️ It is ideal for lower-handicap golfers.


❌ This putter is very expensive to buy.

❌ Its face is a little higher which most people do not like.

❌ This putter is not best for left-handed players.

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4. Ray Cook Sr400 Putter (Budget-friendly)

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR400 Putter

Main Features

  • Shaft length: 35 inch
  • Polished chrome head finish
  • Two-way putter with standard grip
  • Tacki-Mac Tour Select Standard Putter Grip
  •  Head weight is 400 grams
  • Product material: stainless steel
  • Both-way hand orientation

Here comes the most awaited product which is a budget-friendly product but offers plentiful features to make it the best center shafted putter. The Ray Cook Sr400 is a very low-priced center-shafted putter which is considered the best putter for beginners or low-handicap golfers who want to strike the ball straightly.

However, this putter is constructed of tough steel alloy with a black-colored design and incredible alignment lines that help you enhance your alignment. Besides, there is an extra addition of 400 grams in the head weight which allows you to keep your club stable on fast greens. Moreover, this putter can be used for two-way-handed golfers.


✔️ It has a central shaft of standard length.

✔️ The product is made of stainless steel which avoids rusting.

✔️ Either you are a left or ting-handed player, this putter is ideal.

✔️ This putter is the cheapest amongst all in the list


❌ Its head is not as excellent as other top-of-line putters.

❌ You may find this putter too lightweight to swing straight.

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Most putters feature a shaft that enters the putter head toward the heel of the club. A center shafted putter fits straight into the middle of the head near the sweet spot.

5. Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter (Amazon’s Choice)

Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter

Main Features

  • Shaft length: 33-35 inches
  • Tip-heavy graphite and steel shaft
  • Additional weight in the sole and butt-end of the grip
  • Two optional grips: pistol and standard
  • Micro hinges inserted across the face
  • Product weight is 1.45 pounds
  • Left-hand orientation

Last but not least, another outstanding putter with some ground-breaking features by the Odyssey brand that is built with excellent graphite and heavy steel alloy. However, there is a sole and butt end in the grip where an extra weight has been added to deliver dynamic execution for a more consistent and precise stroke.

Moreover, this putter is perfect for both high and low handicap golfers who are looking forward to developing their game with respect to putting style. Besides, its shaft is slightly harder with low torque that gives more controllability. Yet, this putter is quite pricier to purchase.

There are several mini axes on the back of the face which enable you to stroke the ball with more evenness and provides you more controllability. Thus, the Odyssey stroke lab has been fruitful in sustaining its status in the market due to its competitive technologies.

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✔️ This putter is built with an excellent quality alloy that makes it go long-lasting.

✔️ Its ideal size of shaft supports you to make the perfect posture while putting.

✔️ The alignment line on the head aid you improve your putting orientation straight.

✔️ Frequent mini-hinges on the face help you strike the ball consistently.

✔️ The balanced weight distribution enables you to swing straightly.

✔️ There is also an option for both hand golfers; right or left.

✔️ You would find two options in the grip size; oversized and pistol grip.


❌ This product holds a heavy price tag.

❌ The oversized grip is thicker which is hard to hold.

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6. GoSports Classic Golf Putter – Traditional Style

GoSports The Classic Golf Putter - Premium Grip and Putt Putt Style Two-Way Head for Right-2

Main Features

  • Shaft length: 35 inches
  • Item weight: 1 pound
  • Both hand orientation
  • 2-way cast iron putter
  • Two-way ambidextrous rubberized grip

The timeless classic and traditional golf putter is one of the best-selling products on the market, which is perfect for both left and right-handed golfers. This blade putter is designed in the USA with iron material that makes it super sturdy and makes it go long-lasting.

Furthermore, the GoSports classic putter is extremely lightweight which helps you in striking the swing with more comfort and ease. Also, this putter contains a both-handed grip covered with rubber on it. This rubber helps you hold the grip while sustaining stability and comfortability.

Over and above, the size of this putter is ideal for adult golfers and its shaft length is 35 inches to become proficient at your shot skills. Another amazing fact about this putter is that this product is ideal for both male and female golfers. The sleek and smart design makes you captivated while holding the putter in your hand.

However, if you just replaced your golf putter with the GoSports classic putter, you need to practice frequently to dominate the game in the golf club. Once you become proficient in using this putter, you would govern the game.


✔️ Tremendously lightweight outer makes easy swing

✔️ Two-way grip can be used by both left and right-handed golfers

✔️ This grip is surrounded by the rubber to avoid slipperiness.

✔️ Excellent construction enhances longevity

✔️ Affordable choice


❌ No alignment aid

❌ Practice is required to get used to this putter

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7. Stroke Lab Versa VLine Putter – Heavy-Tip Putter

Main Features

  • Shaft length: 33-35 inch
  • Item weight: 0.08 pounds
  • Product material: Graphite and Steel
  • Left hand oriented
  • Pistol and oversized grip
  • Multiple micro-hinges on back

The Odyssey stroke lab is an ideal putter for both high and low golf handicaps who are anticipating improving their game. Nevertheless, its stroke lab shaft is faintly harder and has lower torque for improved controllability; since the lighter the shaft, the easier it is to control the putter.

This product is one of the best center shafted putters in the golf market which successfully wins in maintaining its reputation in the competitive market. However, its appearance, execution, style, and ideal size would also make you fall with this product. When you see this putter, you would find several integrated small axes through the face which allows you to stroke the ball with more smoothness and accurate distance control.

This putter is made of premium graphite and steel alloy that not only makes it tough but also professional while holding it in the ground. Besides, the weight has been distributed perfectly between the shaft and the head of the putter for a straight and smooth swing.


✔️ Balanced weight distribution enables straight swing

✔️ Numerous mini-hinges on the face help you strike the ball consistently

✔️ Ideal shaft size supports with perfect posture

✔️ The alignment line aid in straight putting

✔️ Both right or left-hand orientation


❌ Expensive option

❌ Thick grip is hard to hold

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8. SeeMore Pure Center Blade Putter – Counter-Balanced Putter

Main Features

  • Shaft length: 37 inch
  • Product weight: 0.7 pounds
  • Item material: Stainless steel
  • Rifle Scope alignment system
  • Counterweighted balancing
  • Hand orientation is right
  • Blade style putter

If you are not capable of making smooth putts, then there could be nothing better than the SeeMore Pure center blade putter because it has a rifle scope alignment system that helps in straightening your alignment. Ultimately, you would be able to make a straightforward stroke and stand out on greens.

The SeeMore Pure center blade putter is a perfect product that comes with a long shaft to hold it with more consistency. This center shaft putter helps you stabilize your strokes and neutralize your yips. Moreover, additional weight is added to this putter to counterbalance the design and make a straight hit.


✔️ The center-shafted design helps with straight-back and straight-through strokes.

✔️ It helps in improving alignment

✔️ Shaft length is longer than a standard putter

✔️ Quite affordable

✔️ Helps in reducing tips


❌ Ideal for right-hand only

❌ Some people may find its shaft bigger

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Benefits of using a Center Shafted Putter in 2022

  • The biggest benefit of using a center shafted putter is the feel. However, feel is the biggest reason that many golfers prefer unique putters. The centered shaft provides a great feel and sound on every stroke.
  • This putter style encourages a lower-hand position via putting action which is another biggest advantage.
  • Moreover, its hosel type provides extra controllability to the golfer to hit the ball with a consistent roll.
  • If you are a more straight-through stroke style, do not want to make an arc, this putter helps you a lot in hitting the ball straight to the target.

Tips to Putt with a Center Shafted Putter Efficiently

Concentrate on Alignment

With an alignment, you are able to putt efficiently, whether it’s a center-shafted putter or not. A correct alignment can take your ball in the right direction. When you work on your alignment, it helps in straightening the swinging of the shaft and eventually puts the ball into the hole.

Practice With A Metronome

Once you’ve practiced with your alignment, you can practice using a metronome. They are designed explicitly to improve the consistency of your strokes. Despite maintaining proper alignment, the speed of your game can impact substantially on controllability.

Our Final Verdit on Best Center Shafted Putters in 2022

If you want to improve your alignment, look no further Stroke Lab Versa VLine Putter. This putter comes with an ideal shaft length that can be used by both left and right-hand golfers.

For rough and tough options, you’ve got Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach SOFT Putter, which comes with speed optimized technology to make stable putts and control your speed.

Yet in an article of Southampton Golf Club, it has explained everything about Centre Shafted putters along with several benefits. 

Summing Up

Hence, you have got through the five best center shafted putters which have been selected from top-notch putter brands available in the market. No doubt, there are many great center shafted putters, but which one to opt for?

However, whatever putter you choose, make sure you choose something which has a decent weight distribution and holds a perfect length for you. Yet, the center shafted putters are ideal for straight-through and straight-back strokes which are mostly face-balanced putters.

Not with standing, if you are unable to make a decision in picking the best putter, glimpse on our top picks, select the most suitable for you, and take your game to new heights.


  1. Are all center shafted putters face-balanced?

Most center shafted putters are face-balanced because their weight is distributed evenly between the heel and the toe. This balanced weight distribution permits the head to move straight-back and straight-through instead of on an arc, which keeps the head from twisting at impact.

  1. What is the best center shafted putter for all times?

As discussed earlier, the best center-shafted putter for all times is the TaylorMade Truss center Shaft Putter. This putter is one of the best mallet putters with great alignment aid and some advanced features.

  1. Are center shafted putters good for beginners?

Usually, beginners tend to make a straight stroke on the ball and look for the putter style which helps them enhance their alignment. Thus, a center-shafted putter could be a perfect choice for beginners to hold control over the putter and hit the ball more precisely.

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