Best Putters For Bad Putters- 2021 Buying Guide and Reviews

Best Putters For Bad Putters 2021

Do you want to get rid of getting low scores every time in golf? Do you think you are a bad putter? Maybe, you can improve yourself enormously just by changing your club. Since a putter has everything to do with your performance and develops your scores.

For someone, who does not consider himself as the best golfer, an ideal putter can bring a lot of perfection in swinging and making the right stroke. Thus, you must choose your golf club that provides precise balance in your hands every time you hold it.

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But, how and where can you find such putters which are specifically made for bad putters in 2021?

Well, I am particularly here to help you out with this matter and have brought five products to fix your issues of bad putting. With these items, you can improve your scores and compete with your competitors as well.

List of Best Putters to Buy for Bad Putters in 2021

Each putter into the best list has been selected on the basis of customer reviews and Amazon’s best-selling ratings.

Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women S7K Standing Putter Size: 34 inches
Color: Silver
Hand Orientation: Right/Left (optional)
Weight: 0.88 Pounds
Material: Stainless Steel and graphite
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Wilson Infinite Men's Golf Putter Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter Size: 34 inches
Color: Gray
Hand Orientation: Right/Left (optional)
Weight: 1.24 Pounds
Material: Stainless Steel
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Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter Size: 33-35 inches
Color: Black-Silver
Hand Orientation: Right/Left (optional)
Weight: 1.45 Pound
Material: Heavy steel and graphite
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Titleist Scott Cameron Select 2018 Putter Scotty Cameron Select Fastback Putter Size: 34 inches
Color: Silver
Hand Orientation: Right
Weight: 8.82 Pounds
Material: Heavy Steel
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Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter Size: 33-35 inches
Color: Black
Hand Orientation: Right/Left (optional)
Weight: 1.2 Pounds
Material: Heavy Steel
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Besides, in our top-5 list of best putters 2021, you would get multiple options to pick the one that suits you the most.

1. S7K Standing Putter

34-inch long shaft.Stroke-Balance ConstructionTriple Line Guide Path
Right-hand orientationAnti-glare finishingLegal for tournament play
1-year manufacturer warrantyMade with stainless steel and graphiteBuilt-in impact position & strike dot
S7K Standing Putter

Our top product is S7K putter that can stand on its own without any support, which is considered as one of the best putters for mid-handicappers. However, the shape of this putter is made with a putter style which is made of stainless steel and graphite that makes it tremendously tough.

Its weight is distributed in a balanced manner in which the shaft and head have a combined weight of additional 50 grams to make the putter more stable and swing it straightly. Besides, this putter is one of the top-line putters with anti-glare finishing.

Anyhow, this putter is ideal for golfers who are anticipating to improve their game and stand out on the grounds. Moreover, when you see this putter at first, it looks like a very lightweight and weak putter but, it can be said that this is one of the strongest putters.


  • This putter is ideal for those who want to improve their game.
  • Although it is blade style putter it delivers a mallet-style execution.
  • There are alignment lines to help you make a straight hit.
  • The putter can stand on its own without any support which helps the golfer to find the target line.
  • An extra weight of 50 grams is added to soothe the putter.
  • You would get a 1-year manufacturing warranty.


  • Its shaft is very delicate which can get damaged easily.
  • This putter holds a big price tag.
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2. Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter

Key Specifications:

34-inch long shaft.Double milled faceCounter-balanced technology
Left and Right-hand orientationMade with stainless steelDark anti-glare finishing
Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter

On the other hand, if you seek a heavy and compact putter, then there could be no better option than the Wilson staff infinite putter. This mallet-style putter comprises a double milled face which means you can stroke the ball from either side by removing the head and changing the side as per your preference.

Besides, this putter is built with durable steel material which makes it look super strong. This putter is available at an affordable price which offers innovative technologies with high performance. Moreover, its oversized grip delivers a stable feeling that provides great precision with straightforward swing.

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In addition to this, the Wilson staff infinite putter has an anti-glare coating which provides it an elegant matte finishing. This putter also features a counter balance technology which moves your balance point and aids you to putt the ball with smoother hands and help you control the stroke more easily.


  • The double milled face allows you to change its orientation direction.
  • This mallet style putter gives a classical appearance.
  • Its anti-glare coating provides a matte finishing which makes it quite attractive.
  • This putter has a reasonable price.
  • Its oversized grip sustains the putter for accurate putting.


  • You won’t find an alignment line on its head.
  • The grip is thicker which needs practice for holding.
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3. Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter

Key Specifications:

33-35 inch-long shaftLeft hand orientationMore forgiving and precise
Made from heavy steel and graphiteLow torque for more controllabilityNumerous inbuilt micro hinges at the faceplate
Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter

Here comes another top-notch mallet putter which is created of Graphite and steel material. This putter is built by Callaway Golf brand, an excellent putter brand. The odyssey stroke lap incorporates a unique way of weight distribution that makes the shaft and head neither too heavy nor very light. Additionally, the Odyssey stroke lab is an ideal putter for both high and low golf handicaps who are looking ahead to improve their golf game.For more tips, check out how to Boost Your Real Estate Business.

This weight balancing manner helps you swing the putter more smoothly and effortlessly. However, this putter comes in a sleek and glossy design which shines like a star in the dark. Although with all these exclusive features, this putter is slightly expensive to purchase but it substantially helps in developing your bad putting style.

There are multiple micro-hinges on the back of its head to strike the ball with more responsiveness and smoothness. These axes make the putter look tough and durable. Furthermore, its stroke lab shaft is faintly harder and has lower torque for improved controllability. The lighter the shaft, the easier to control the putter.


  • This putter is engineered with an excellent quality alloy that makes it long-lasting.
  • The balanced weight distribution enables you to swing straight.
  • Numerous mini-hinges on the face help you strike the ball consistently.
  • The ideal size of shaft supports you to make the perfect posture while putting.
  • The alignment line on the head helps you improve your putting orientation straight.


  • Its thicker grip may be hard to hold for some players.
  • This putter is also pretty expensive to buy.
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4. Scotty Cameron Select Fastback Putter

Key Specifications:

34-inch long shaft.Right hand orientationPerimeter weighting sound
Made from heavy stainless steelBuilt-in aluminum face-sole componentWeight-efficient single bend shaft
Select heel-and-toe weighting technologyModern aesthetics with sole-to-topline inlaysA four-way balance mechanism
Scotty Cameron Select Fastback Putter

Scotty Cameron has been in the market by using the world’s remarkable material which ends up enhancing your golf game. And this product is explicitly constructed to improve your game and bring perfection in your scores.

However, one of the most conspicuous features of this putter is that this model comes in a smaller size as compared to its prior versions, which makes it a competitor with other top-notch putter companies in the market.

You must have noticed, all of the Scotty Cameron putters are engineered using only two first-class materials; aircraft aluminum and stainless steel, hence there is no need to discuss how solid and tough this putter is. Moreover, its aesthetic design with more innovation gives a more professional look which is ideal for advanced level golfers.

Not only this, but many beginners also prefer this putter who looks forward to developing their alignment. The perimeter weighting is very suitable for any player who prefers a straight-through stroke style. Its improved balance and high moment of inertia are further features to notice in this product.

If you have ever used its prior model, you must feel the distinction between the two series concerning its responsiveness. However, this model is ideal for experienced and skillful players since it offers some best options.


  • A four-way balance mechanism adds forgiveness, confidence, and increases the graphic illustrations.
  • This mallet-style putter contains a built-in alignment line.
  • Its vibrations can be reduced by up to 30%.
  • You can choose from seven different styles of options.
  • The two product materials are used to balance the weight distribution.


  • You may find its size slightly smaller.
  • All Scotty Cameron putters have higher prices.
Other than putters, there are seven different putter grips that you should try in 2021.
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5. Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

Key Specifications:

33-35-inch long shaft.Laser milling insertCrank neck hosel
Contrasting alignment aidsHeel and toe weight placementRe-engineered White hot insert
Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

Our last best putter, Odyssey White Hot Pro, is an Amazon’s choice putter. that delivers great execution and a unique design. This blade-style putter is much popular amongst many golfers and yet admirable regarding its execution.

I love this product personally because it has a re-engineered white-hot face insert that produces an amended sound while striking the ball. Moreover, there is an alignment line on the head top which aids you to enhance your alignment and diminishes your maximum mishits.

The contrast between the color of the head top and the aligning line makes it richer to see the alignment. Additionally, there is another feature in the Odyssey White Hot putter which is the laser milling insert cutting process.

This process helps you achieve your target and encourages great forgiveness for stable finishing to make more responsive strikes. Although the putter is rather expensive to buy, it offers many innovative technologies specifically for mid-handicap players.

However, let’s discuss a little about its weight distribution. This putter has a unique weight distribution which keeps a specific balance between its weight and design with a crank neck hosel to maximize accuracy.


  • This putter consists of a laser milling insert cutting process that enhances swing forgiveness.
  • An alignment line is there on the head top to increase the alignment precision.
  • The crank neck hosel is intended to develop eye-contact during each stroke.
  • Its durable blade-head design delivers a striking feel which also helps with the alignment.
  • The weight is distributed in a balanced way which boosts up the stroke performance.


  • You may find its thin grip difficult to hold.
  • This putter is quite pricey.
  • The golfers need to practice often to get used to this putter.
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Final Words

So, these were some of our best putters in 2021 that help you develop your putting game and make you conspicuous on greens. However, if you are still discovering which putter you should choose, then we have narrowed down our selections and brought some top picks for you. you can pick the most appropriate one from these two options:

Top Picks

Titleist Scott Cameron Select 2021 Putter
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I have been using the Scotty Cameron Select Fastback Putter for several years and it actually helped me a lot in improving my game. This putter is made by the most trustworthy brand that can be purchased with closed eyes.

Wilson Infinite Men's Golf Putter
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On the other hand, if you want to enhance your game by picking a budget-friendly product, then you must choose Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter. It delivers outstanding performance, yet at a cheaper price.

If you are still muddled regarding some questions in your mind, head to our Frequently Asked Questions to make yourself clearer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes a bad putter?

Well, while putting, the bad putters move the lower part of their body. According to Jim Hartnett, there are six major things that a bad putter does while playing golf.

  1. How can I fix bad putting?

If you consider yourself a bad putter and want to fix poor putting, you need to execute several steps. One of them is changing your putter.

  1. Should a bad putter use a blade or mallet putter?

It’s not obvious to go for one specific putter style, yet there are several aspects which should be considered while choosing between mallet vs. blade putter.

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