Best Milled Putters 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide


Milled putters are created by going through loads of hard work and are shaped from a single chunk of metal with an exceptional refining pattern. However, these types of putters assure that the roll distance on both center hits and heel and toe hits are equal.

The milled putter is ideal for you if you are looking for a putter with a softer feel and more consistency because it aids you to provide a smooth stroke with slightly dampening sound Since the putter market is overflown with milled putters 2022, it could be a bit challenging for you to pick the best one.

But no worries! I have brought a list of the five best milled putters 2022 available in the market, to help you make a quick decision.

List of Best Milled Putters 2022

Each putter I put in the list is manufactured durably by top-notch brands. I have reviewed and tested plenty of products and extracted five best amongst them.

Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
Wilson Sporting Goods Staff Infinite Golf Putter  Wilson Sporting Goods Staff Infinite Golf Putter
(Top Pick)
 Size: 34-35 Inches
Color: Black-Silver
Hand Orientation: Right/Left (optional)
Brand: Wilson
Weight: 1.32 Pound
Material: Tough Steel
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Golf Clubs Scotty Cameron Select Putter Scotty Cameron Select Putter 
(Amazon’s Choice)
 Size: 33-35 Inches
Color: Silver-Red
Hand Orientation: Right
Brand: Scotty Cameron
Weight: 2.6 Pound
Material: Stainless Steel
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Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 8.0 Counter Balanced Oversized Grip Putter  Cleveland Golf Counter Balanced Putter
 Size: 35/38 Inches
Color: Silver
Hand Orientation: Right
Brand: Cleveland
Weight: 1 Pound
Material: Tough Steel
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2020 Evnroll ER5CS Hatchback Putter Evnroll ER5CS Hatchback Putter   Size: 33 Inches
Color: Silver-Red
Hand Orientation: Right
Brand: Evnroll
Weight: 3 Pounds
Material: Stainless Steel
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Odyssey Toulon Design San Diego Stroke Lab Putter Odyssey Toulon Design San Diego Stroke Lab Putter 
(Best Milled-face)
 Size: 33-35 Inches
Color: Charcoal Black
Hand Orientation: Right
Brand: Odyssey
Weight: 3 Pounds
Material: Multi-material
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Now get through the reviews based on personal experience and decide yourself which one suits you.

1. Wilson Sporting Goods Staff Infinite Golf Putter (Top Pick)

Wilson Sporting Goods Staff Infinite Golf Putter

Key Features

  • Shaft length: 34 inch
  • Product weight: 1.32 pounds
  • Item material: Steel
  • Left/Right-hand orientation
  • Double milled face
  • Dark anti-glare finishing
  • Blade style design

Whether you are searching for a substantial yet compact putter, then there should be the only option of Wilson staff infinite putters. This putter includes a counter balance feature that moves your balance point and helps you putt the ball with smooth hands. It also helps you control the stroke more easily.

This product is constructed with tough steel material which makes it look super strong. Additionally, the Wilson staff infinite putter has an anti-shine layer which gives it a sophisticated dull finishing. Further, its oversized grip delivers a stable feeling that provides great precision with a straightforward swing.

This one of the best blade putters consists of a double milled face which means you can stroke the ball from either side by removing the head and changing the side as per your preference. It is also available at a very reasonable price which proposes some innovative technologies with high performance.


  • Its oversized grip sustains the putter for accurate putting.
  • This blade style putter gives a classical appearance.
  • Its anti-shine glaze provides a matte finishing which makes it quite attractive.
  • This putter has an affordable price.
  • The double milled face allows you to change its orientation direction.


  • The grip is thicker which needs practice to hold it consistently.
  • There is no alignment aid on this putter.

2. Scotty Cameron Select Putter (Amazon’s Choice)

Golf Clubs Scotty Cameron Select Putter

Key Features

  • Shaft length: 35 inch
  • Multi-material technology with face inlays or face-sole
  • The integrated vibration dampening system
  • Modern aesthetics
  • Selected heel-and-toe weighting technology
  • Refined colors and graphics
  • Free headcover and grip
  • Blade-style putter

As a devoted golfer, who isn’t aware of this brand? Scotty Cameron always provides outstanding products to its customers and has become one of the top-notch putter brands over decades. However, this putter possesses a Four-Way Balance Sole Design that allows you to set your line every time when you are about to hit the ball.

This putter contains a remarkable design, exclusive features, and excellent execution. Though it is a blade-style putter, it contains an inbuilt alignment line that aids you to make a straight stroke. The remarkable thing about this brand is that every product is constructed with high-quality multi-material that makes it go long-lasting.

The Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 putter is intended in a professional way that gives many golfers a reason to adopt this putter. However, the elegant shades and graphics deliver an attractive look and give a pro expression. Besides, its high weight balancing reduces the vibration over every hit and gives a slight dampening vibration which adds a feel.


  • Its head is solid but soft which creates a minor striking sound.
  • This putter comprises multiple technologies that help you in enhancing your game.
  • The four-way balance face-sole design makes an ideal balance while swinging the club.
  • You would get a free headcover and grip along with the putter.


  • You may find this putter at an expensive side.
  • This putter looks and works the same as its previous series.

3. Cleveland Golf Satin 8.0 Putter (Budget-Friendly)

Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 8.0 Counter Balanced Oversized Grip Putter

Key Features

  • Shaft length: 35-38 inches.
  • Item weight is 1 pound
  • Polymer TPU insert
  • Enhanced face milling
  • Optimal alignment
  • Product material: Steel
  • Blade style putter
  • Right hand oriented
  • Includes free headcover

Another blade style putter, Cleveland Golf Men’s Huntington Beach Putter delivers an extra forgiveness because it holds an extra weight in its head that gives you a chance to hit the ball with more softness. Moreover, its wide head proposes more stability while putting on the greens.

This amazon’s choice putter is also considered as one of the best face-balanced putters. It is fantastically engineered of high-quality steel that permits this product to go long lastingly robustly. This face-balanced putter is ideal for golfers who play straight-through stroke for more controllability and precision.


  • There is a vision line above the ground set at the equator of the ball that makes alignment easy.
  • It offers five different head designs that permit for numerous options when choosing the right putter.
  • It has variable depth milled hollows that create increased resistance at influence reducing the skid effect.
  • You would get a headcover for free of cost.


  • There are a few options in loft and lie may not be desirable for some golfers who are looking for customization.
  • Its head design is slightly too busy, so you have to choose a simpler appearance.
The milled putters require more individual attention and are mostly made by hand and in smaller batches instead of on an assembly line. 

4. Evnroll ER5CS Hatchback Putter

2020 Evnroll ER5CS Hatchback Putter

Key Features

  • Shaft length: 33 inches
  • Straight shaft-mounted over a hosel pin
  • Measured from center of leading-edge to butt
  • Swing Weight Balanced putter
  • CNC Milled in Carlsbad
  •  Item weight: 3 pounds
  •  Product material is stainless steel
  • Right-hand orientation

As an enthusiastic golfer, you must have known about all top of the line putter brands. Evnroll is one of them. This company honestly does its work and always delivers top notch products to its buyer. However, there should be no doubt while purchasing any product from this brand. The exclusive series of Evnroll is ER5CS which is constructed of stainless steel and gives an eye-catching look.

Whether you are looking for a smooth roll, the Evnroll ER5CS Hatchback should be absolutely the option. The Evnroll Hatchback is designed for the perfect ball interaction so that you hit the ball on-line without making an arc. Moreover, if you are in quest of an ultimate feel and stability despite any budget, they would love this putter. Although the putter stands on the pricey side, you won’t regret purchasing it.


  • This putter is slightly heavier than a regular one that helps you to swing it without rotation.
  • It is ideal for lower-handicap golfers.
  • The putter is built with stainless steel which prevents it from corrosion.
  • Weight is distributed evenly to provide better sound and feel.
  • It provides a smooth true roll to reach the ball right to the target.


  • This putter is not best for left-handed players.
  • You may find it on an expensive side.
  • Most people do not like its high face.

5. Odyssey Toulon Design San Diego Stroke Lab Putter (Best Milled-face)

Odyssey Toulon Design San Diego Stroke Lab Putter

Key Features

  • Shaft length: 33-35 inches
  • Item weight is 3 pounds
  • Blade style putter
  • Pistol grip
  • Charcoal smoke finish
  • Multi-material stroke lab
  • Deep diamond Milled face
  • Deep crosshatch grooves
  • Innovative advancements

The Odyssey Toulon San Diego putter is another top of the line classical putter which is coated with matte charcoal smoke finishing that gives it a unique appearance. This putter is ideal for those golfers who don’t like a very sleek and silvery look because this putter delivers a sophisticated and classic look. Besides, this putter carries some innovative technologies that help you improve your putting skills.

The deep crosshatch grooves are built across the whole face that aids you control the feel and sound and create a smooth dampening sound. These tiny channels are inbuilt in a small diamond shape that also enhances the roll of the ball. Anyhow, you would get an incredible consistency through a 20-gram soleplate and pistol grip that would take your score to new levels.


  • This putter gives a classic yet trendy look.
    The charcoal smoke finish makes this product very attractive.
  • Its small diamond-shaped grooves help you improve the ball-roll.
  • The multi-material putter makes it solid and long-lasting.
  • An extremely lightweight putter which is easy to carry.


  • It comprises a heavy price tag.


The putters which I described above are all incredibly significant in improving your putting skills and taking them to the next level. Although each putter in the list is quite expensive to purchase once you have purchased any of them, you would come to know which product you’ve invested in. Besides, the milled putters can last three times longer than a regular putter because they are made of a single block of excellent quality metal. Therefore, make your 2022 outstanding by holding the best milled putter and scoring dynamically.

Best Milled Putter 2022 Buying Guide

The overall best product from our list is Wilson Sporting Goods Staff Infinite Golf Putter.  This exclusive product is constructed by Wilson brand which can be purchased with a blind eye and you exceptionally stand out.

However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly product, then go for Cleveland Golf Satin 8.0 Putter, which can be bought under $100 but deliver outstanding execution.


How is a milled-face putter different from an insert-face putter?

The milled-face putter comprises a complex milled design on its face which generates solid sound and feel. These putters are constructed of tough metal blocks. However, an insert-face putter holds a soft insert that is made of aluminum or synthetic material and is intended to deliver a soft feel and sound.

Are milled putters better than the regular ones?

One of the most significant advantages of milled putters is that you would get more feel and consistency from it. Though you may find these putter styles on the expensive side, they are best when it comes to practice.

Why are these putters’ faces milled?

The putters which have a milled face provide more consistency which ultimately minimizes your maximum mishits. These putters have TPU backs, that generate a soft dampening vibration sound and improve feel. Besides, the milled face putters produce one of the softest feelings over every stroke.

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