Best Scotty Cameron Putters 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Scotty Cameron Putter

Scotty Cameron is a putter brand that has manufactured and introduced numerous best putters 2022 in the market with excellent appearance and brilliant execution. Scotty Cameron has been associated with the Titleist brand for 25 years and has always surprised its buyers by presenting outstanding products in the market.

However, the Scotty Cameron brand is considered as synonymous with customized designs, tour-proven elegance, and always delivers innovative publications. Moreover, this is the brand which has won many great golf matches and gained much reputation amongst many players. 

No doubt, Scotty Cameron has been on the market by using the world’s remarkable material which ends up enhancing your golf game. Besides, the Scotty Cameron putters come in a large variety with diverse shapes and designs, yet if you are trying to discover the best putter, but could not find one.

Our Top Picks

Scotty Cameron Right Newport 35

The S7K Standing Putter

Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select

If you have difficulty finding the best balance putters, the Titleist Scotty Cameron Right Newport 35 is the best option. The shaft length of 35″ ensures a safe and smooth putt with an elegant plumbing neck.


The S7K Standing Putter is winning the heart of the golfers, as this putter is constructed with durable material and holds all the traits that make alignment better. Its three-line alignment on the flange makes the aim better while putting.

However, in another article on the golf channel, Rex Hoggard describes Tiger Woods plans to use the new Scotty Cameron putter at PGA Championship.

I have brought some right options for you.

List of 9 Best Scotty Cameron Putters

Each putter, I have reviewed is from the top-notch golf brand, Scotty Cameron. Every product in the list delivers a complementary stroke, upholds balanced weight, and ultimately helps you out in developing your score.

Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
New Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 Putter
(Amazon’s choice)
Size: 33 Inches
Color: Black-Silver
Hand Orientation: Right
Brand: Scotty Cameron
Weight: 4.41 Pound
Material: aluminum and stainless steel
Check Price
Golf Clubs Scotty Cameron Select Putter 2018 Newport 2 - Right Hand 33inch 34inch 35inch Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Putter Size: 34 Inches
Color: Silver
Hand Orientation: Right
Brand: Scotty Cameron
Weight: 1 Pound
Material: aluminum and stainless steel
Check Price
Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Putter 2020 Right Newport 2 34 Scotty Cameron Special Select Putter Size: 33 Inches
Color: Silver
Hand Orientation: Right
Brand: Scotty Cameron
Weight: 1.35 Pound
Material: aluminum and stainless steel
Check Price
Titleist Scott Cameron Select 2018 Putter (34, Fastback) Scott Cameron Select Fastback Putter
(Editor’s Choice)
Size: 34 Inches
Color: Silver
Hand Orientation: Right
Brand: Scotty Cameron
Weight: 8.82 Pound
Material: aluminum and stainless steel
Check Price
Titleist Scotty Cameron Select 2018 Putter (34, Squareback) Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Squareback Putter
Size: 34 Inches
Color: Red-Silver
Hand Orientation: Right
Brand: Scotty Cameron
Weight: 1.41 Pound
Material: aluminum and stainless steel
Check Price
Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Putter 2020 Right Newport 35 Titleist Scotty Cameron Right Newport 35 (Perfect Balance Putter) Size: 35 inches
Hand Orientation: 
Scotty Cameron
1.68 Pounds
Check Price
S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women (2) S7K Standing Putter (Ideal for Alignment) Size: 34.5 inches
Color: Silver
Hand Orientation: Right/Left (Optional)
Brand: Autopilot
Weight: 0.72 Pounds
Check Price
Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select Putter 2020 Right Newport 2 35 Titleist Scotty Cameron Right Newport 2 35
(Finest Club Head Putter)
Size: 35 inches
Color: silver
Hand Orientation:  Right
Brand: Titleist
Weight: 1.68 Pounds
Check Price
JAMESMILR TOPSPIN Putter Mallet 7 Hybrid Forged Charisma. JAMESMILR TOPSPIN Putter Mallet 7 (Ideal for Alignment) Size: 34 inches
Color: Silver golden
Hand Orientation: Right
Weight: 0.78 Pounds
Check Price

However, get surprised by glimpsing our top picks and make your final decision.

1. Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 Putter (Amazon’s choice)

New Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 (33 inches RH)

Main Features

  • Shaft length is 33 inches
  • Technically-advanced performance with Low-Bend Shaft
  • Multi-material construction
  • Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel
  • Sharp angles to promote alignment 
  • Optimal weight distribution
  • Putter Style: Mid-Mallet

This next-level putter comes in an amazing yet compact design with a mid-mallet-style. This Scotty Cameron putter is constructed excellently using aluminum and stainless steel materials that make it super fine and tough. Moreover, this high-tech mallet putter has sharp angles to promote alignment and soft flow over every swing. The alignment-promoting angles with smooth edges give a remarkable appearance when you place the putter on greens. Although there is an alignment aid, it is in dotted-form, yet its color contrast helps in visualizing this aid more clearly.

Besides, the Phantom X 5.5 putter weighs 4.41 pounds which is quite heavy to assists you to swing it with more forgiveness and more straightforwardly. The multi-material manufacturing delivers an increased moment of inertia and great weight distribution along with developed responsiveness.

Moreover, its mid bend shaft diminishes the amount of arc while putting the ball which makes the ball reach right to the hole. Its low pistolero plus grip has an inbuilt less tapered lower half which is equal to two extra wraps that encourage a smoother putting stroke. However, its sleek, glossy design would definitely steal your heart.


✔️ The low-bend shaft technology is designed to enhance the toe flow.

✔️ Aesthetically stunning alignment aid in the form of three dots which help you hit the ball right to the target.

✔️ The stainless steel perimeter weighting makes the club more stable and resists twisting.

✔️ You would get a putter headcover along with it.


❌ This putter is quite heavier than a standard one.

❌ This putter is highly expensive to buy.

❌ Some players may find its shaft length shorter.

❌ Its sharp angles may harm your greens.

2. Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Putter

Main Features

  • Shaft length: 35 inch
  • Multi-material technology with face inlays or face-sole
  • The integrated vibration dampening system
  • Modern aesthetics
  • Selected heel-and-toe weighting technology
  • Refined colors and graphics
  • Free headcover and grip

Scotty Cameron has always delivered excellent products to its buyers and has become the most renowned putter brand over decades with respect to innovative technologies, brilliant performance, and remarkable designs. However, the Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 putter comes in a professional manner which gives many golfers a reason to adopt this putter.

Nevertheless, this putter comprises a Four-Way Balance Sole Design that enables you to set your line every time when you are about to hit the ball. Although its style is the blade, this putter contains an integrated alignment improvement that allows you to make a straight stroke.

The remarkable thing about Scotty Cameron is that every product is constructed high high-quality multi-material just like the Select Newport 2 putter. The high weight balancing reduces the vibration over every hit and gives a slight dampening vibration which adds a feel. However, the refined colors and graphics deliver a captivating appearance and give a professional look.


✔️ This putter includes multiple technologies that help you in enhancing your game.

✔️ The four-way balance face-sole design makes a perfect balance while swinging the club.

✔️ You would get a free headcover and grip along with the putter.

✔️ Its head is tough but soft which generates a slight dampening sound.


❌ This putter is highly expensive to buy.

❌ You may find this putter the same as its previous series.

3. Scotty Cameron Special Select Putter 

Main Features

  • Shaft length is 35 inches
  • Hand orientation is right
  • Increased MOI attribution to the heel and toe
  • Cameron and Titleist are carved on either side of the neck
  • Convectional blade-style putter
  • Free headcover.

Here is the latest Scotty Cameron special select putter which is considered the most exclusive product by the brand. This putter is not particularly aimed at the golfers of a certain level but it could be used by beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. Besides, this putter is ideal for high handicap players who strive to get a certain benefit from their putter. Other than that, if you are a pro player, you can still pick this putter because it delivers consistency in the center of the putter.

While selecting this putter, you would get the options of three shaft sizes from 33 to 35 inches of shaft length which is an ideal standard size. Besides, its augmented weight distribution between the grip and the head makes sure that you putt every stroke in a balanced way right to the target. this weight distribution ends up increasing MOI credit to the heel and toe.

Whenever you hit the ball using Scotty Cameron’s special select putter, it always produces a dampening sound that adds on a great feel. Moving towards its exterior; this putter has a matte silver-shaded shiny appearance which enhances your confidence while holding it in your hands. However, Scotty Cameron products have never been cheap, so it always goes on a high-price tag side.


✔️ This putter has a fantastic professional design along with silver matte finishing.

✔️ The engraved brand name on the side of the neck makes it highly attractive.

✔️ The enhanced weight distribution gives a balanced swing.

✔️ You would get a headcover along with the putter.


❌ This putter falls on the pricey side.

❌ It does not offer any product warranty.

4. Scotty Cameron Select Fastback Putter

Main Features

  • It has a 34-inch long shaft.
  • Weight-saving single bend shaft
  • Perimeter weighting Sound
  • The product is made of heavier stainless steel
  • Integrating the lighter aluminum face-sole component
  • Modern aesthetics with sole-to-topline inlays
  • Select heel-and-toe weighting technology
  • A four-way balance mechanism
  • Hand orientation is right

One of the most conspicuous features of this putter is that this model comes in a smaller size as compared to its prior versions, which makes it a competitor with other top-notch putter companies in the market. You must have noticed, all of the Scotty Cameron putters are engineered using only two first-class materials; aircraft aluminum and stainless steel, hence there is no need to discuss how solid and tough this putter is.

Its improved balance and high moment of inertia are further features to notice in this product. If you have ever used its prior model, you must feel the distinction between the two series concerning its responsiveness. However, this model is ideal for experienced and skillful players since it offers some best options.

Moreover, its aesthetic design with more innovation gives a more professional look which is ideal for advanced level golfers. Not only pros, but many beginners also prefer this putter who looks forward to developing their alignment. The perimeter weighting is very suitable for any player who prefers a straight-through stroke style.


✔️ A four-way balance mechanism increases the graphic visualization, adds forgiveness and confidence.

✔️ Its vibrations can be reduced by up to 30 percent.

✔️ You can pick seven different styles of options.

✔️ The mallet-style putter contains a built-in alignment line.

✔️ The two product materials are used to balance the weight distribution.


❌ This is one of the most expensive mallet-style putters.

❌ This putter comes with a silver finishing only.

❌ You may feel a little uncomfortable with the small size.

5. Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Squareback Putter

Main Features

  • Shaft length is 34 inches.
  • Enhanced MOI Extends the low-slung
  • Modern aesthetics with face-sole pop-through technology
  • Select heel-and-toe weighting technology
  • Stainless frame with a vibration-dampening system
  • Pop-through alignment features
  • Hand orientation is right.

This putter may remind you of the Newport 2 model by Scotty Cameron, yet this model comes in a semi-mallet style with border building that provides more forgiveness. However, if you are struggling to hit the sweet spot then you should opt for this putter.

Moreover, this square back Cameron putter comprises a great balanced body with limited weight distribution. Besides, there is a built-in soleplate and sole weight which are made of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel. The accuracy of this putter delivers high responsiveness which minimizes your maximum mishits.

The club head includes three cherry rings which make it very spectacular to see the putter. The black-colored alignment line is a subtle way to improve your performance and reach your sore to new heights.


✔️ It has a full-length shaft size which is ideal for every height of the player.

✔️ The large sweet spot offers more forgiveness.

✔️ It has a customizable soleplate and sole weight.

✔️ The clubhead has a mid-toe flow.

✔️ The three red-colored cherry rings make it super aesthetic.


❌ This putter is only ideal for right-handed golfers.

❌ You would find this putter with a higher price tag.

6. Titleist Scotty Cameron Right Newport 35 – Perfect Balance Putter

Titleist Scotty Cameron Special Select

Main Features

  • Alloy steel shaft
  • Elegant plumbing neck
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Shaft length is 35″
  • Portable

After manufacturing many innovative putters with different construction materials, this new Scotty Cameron putter 2022 is introduced with popular head shapes and sleek designs. The Titleist Newport is fitted with durable 303 stainless steel with sharp and elegant craftings. In terms of look, its topline is thick and flattened with three-dot cavities on the clubhead.

Along with its steel construction, its face inserts help to increase the feel and sound during the stroke. These inserts are lighter than any other material and hold the capacity to strike the ball without bouncing and hopping.

Its perfect balance and the extra stable shaft is 35″ long and is attached with a plumbing neck. This neck aids the golfers in alignment by improving their vision. The cascading concave tier and narrow line on the top of the head knock down the reflection and make this clear as crystal.

As fast as its weight is concerned, the Newport weighs 1.68 Pounds only. It is 4.92″ long, 4.92″ wide, and 38.58″ in height is ideal for tall golfers to rock on the greens.


✔️ The concave shape of the neck facilitates alignment.

✔️ The item is lightweight

✔️ The shaft length provides perfect balance and stability.

✔️ This putter is best for tall players too.


❌ The grip is slippery

7. S7K Standing Putter – Ideal for Alignment

Main Features

  • Three-line alignment
  • Extra-light grip
  • Aids in having an excellent focus on balls
  • Lightweight item
  • Shaft length is 35.”

Putting is all about having a perfect vision and apparent angle. Therefore, S7k has made things easier for golfers as it holds the ability to stand on its own. With this feature, the golfers can easily aim at the ball by adjusting their angle without having vision difficulties. Not just that, the 70 degrees of lie angle and 400 grams of weight, this putter is the right choice in having perfect balance and stability during the game.

Although the head is a bit heavier, the grip is there to aid in this situation. It Is super light and assures a robust grip and excellent speed and distance control. 

Also, the three-line alignment on the flange allows you to check your aim behind the ball and focus on the line before rolling your ball into the hole. The strike dots that assures you to have accurate and consistent  putts every single time. So, you just have to adjust the speed and have faith in your aiming abilities for brilliant performance.


✔️ Light shaft

✔️ Best tool for alignment

✔️ The strike dots improves the focus

✔️ Three lime on the flange aids in alignment

✔️ This putter has ability to stand on its own


❌ This item easily catches rust

❌ The grip foam feels uncomfortable sometimes

8. Titleist Scotty Cameron Right Newport 2 35 – Finest Club Head Putter

Main Features

  • Alloy steel shaft
  • Stainless steel body
  • Ideal for having perfect putts
  • Shaft length is 35.”
  • Portable

With a classic shape, excellent feel, and brilliant constructions, the Newport 2 is launched in the market holding all the traits of traditional Cameron’s putters. At first glance, this putter successfully attracts attention with its three-line dot thin and flat head. These dots on the head help the golfers to have a better grip on the alignment to hit the ball straight into the hole perfectly.

Looking at its size, it is smaller than the previous model having a thin rail without face inserts to provide a solid feel during the stroke. For excellent alignment, not just the three lines on the head but the curved neck plays the central role. For tall players having perfect aim over the ball is a piece of cake with this feature of Scotty Cameron putter.

Moreover, this elegant putter comes in a 34, 35, or 3″ length that you can customize easily according to your preference. This 35″ Newport putter comes with 70 degrees of lie angle that helps the golfers to improve the ball distance while hitting the ball.

The pistoni grip is another best part of this putter,it’s super thick and slim and aids the players in having a robust grip. Not just that, its plumbing neck comes in mid-flow angle and lighter head making it more stable during the game. While using these putters, having an off-center strike will be simple for every player.


✔️ 3.5 Degrees of golf club loft improves the ball distance.

✔️ The 70 Degrees of lie angle makes putting easy

✔️ It weighs only 1.68 pounds\

✔️ The shaft length is best for tall putters too.

✔️ It is a portable item.


❌ There are no face inserts in this putter.

9. JAMESMILR TOPSPIN Putter Mallet 7 – Curve Faced putter

Main Features

  • 71′ Length of lie angle
  • Extra-light grip
  • Gooseneck and soft material shaft
  • Fitted with ferrous special alloy and nickel plating 
  • Aids in having an excellent focus on balls
  • Lightweight item
  • Shaft length is 34.”

Curved face putters like JAMES MILLER TOPSPIN’s mallet 7 is another best Scotty Cameron putter manufactured by durable and robust alloy steel. Its gooseneck and the soft material shaft of 34″ is fitted with ferrous special alloy and nickel plating to make it more dependable for users.

The 71′ Length of lie angle improves the ball’s distance and holds the ability to strike the ball in a hole without hopping and skipping. 

Furthermore, In terms of weight, this potter is only 0.78lb, which is the best option for low handicappers. Its weight and every feature ensure smooth and safe putts on the greens.


✔️ Its 71′ Length of lie angle improves the distance of the ball

✔️ Its goose neck-shaft enhances the focus on the ball

✔️ The body is made of ferrous special alloy and nickel-plated.

✔️ This item is best for low handicappers

✔️ Portable putter


❌ The grip is narrow.

❌ The rubber on the putter is uncomfortable.

What Makes the Scotty Cameron Putters Best? 

The technology and the precision are the foremost features that mark Scotty Cameron’s putters primer. All the components are PGA approved, and the club is another best trait of the Cameron putters. These clubs come in many shapes, robust and updated neck designs with perfect shaft lie angles. If you desire an item that aids in having tremendous focus and the best putt, Scotty Cameron is there to satisfy you.

Major Winners Who Use The Scotty Cameron Putters

Following are the world best golfers that use Scotty Cameron putters:

  • Jordan Spieth
  • Brooks Koepka
  • Justin Thomas
  • Gary Woodland
  • Tiger Woods

How to spot a fake Scotty Cameron putter?

The market is flooded with putters, and most of them have fake labels. Seeking an accurate Scotty Cameron putter is hectic, especially when you are not a pro golfer. Therefore, below are some traits that will aid you in recognizing the real Scotty Cameron putter.

  • Material:

Scotty Cameron uses stainless steel. However, other manufacturers use mediocre materials like Zinc or aluminum. Hence, when you have to find the real Scotty Cameron use a magnet and see if that sticks on the body or not.

  • Grip:

Mostly, many putter grips cause sweating while playing because they are fitted with low-quality rubber that stinks in hot weather. However, the Scotty Cameron putter uses high-quality plastic that is odorless. These grips assure robots hold without causing sweating issues.

  • Crafting:

The crafting on Scotty Cameron putter appeals to many pro golfers, like tiger woods. On a real Scotty Cameron putter, the text is hand-printed with precision crafts and blended arts. On the other hand, the fonts on the head of fake Scotty Cameron putters are sharp and wrongly designed.

Final Verdict

 Thus, the Scotty Cameron putter belongs to the special designed putters which offer some trendy as well as classic shapes and design. These putters are incredible for both learners and advanced players to improve their game. Hence, the products I have discussed, contain both mallet and blade styles with emphasized alignment aids. Each putter is next level with precise responsiveness and optimal weight distribution. I hope this inclusive review has helped a lot in deciding which model of Scotty Cameron you should choose.

Jonathan Wall Golf magazine discusses Tiger Woods’ iconic Scotty Cameron putter is on the auction block.  


  1. What makes Scotty Cameron putter more special?

Scotty Cameron always delivers high-quality putters with advanced technologies, soft edges, and most significantly t gives you a custom fit. However, many sports illustrators have titled Scotty Camron as putter king in the golf industry.

  1. Why Scotty Cameron is so expensive to buy?

First of all, it is the material from which the Scotty Cameron is made from. The brand uses high-quality and pretty expensive materials to provide a solid feel. Another reason for these putters being expensive is the customization. The company would deliver the product exactly according to your requirements.

  1. Why Scotty Cameron putters are larger than the standard putters?

They have larger head sizes which enable to maximize the moment of inertia for more resisting and prevent the putter from twisting. It ends up enhancing your score ultimately.

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