How to Choose a Best Putter for Golf?

how to choose a best golf putters

With so many styles, designs, sizes, and technologies, choosing the ideal putter for golf could be a challenge. I have interviewed many golfers and most of them agreed that golf itself is a simple game; yet, what makes them exhausted, is finding the right putter for them.

Let’s be straight_ A putter is the most used club by any golfer. Yet, some of them simply choose a club that looks appealing to them or has a good repute in the market. On the other hand, some consider so many factors while choosing a suitable one for them, such as weight, balance, and style etc.

However, if you fall under the second category, this article is particularly written for you and is going to be very helpful for you choosing your next putter.

Factors to Consider for Opting the Right Putter

While finding the perfect putter for you, you must pay full attention in this decision-making process and follow four major components to select the right club for you.

Head Weight and Shape

There are two styles in putters; blade putter and mallet putter. These putters also vary in weight.

Mallet putters tend to deliver more forgiveness and ball roll on the targeted direction. Besides, this style of putter contains a balanced weight distribution. Mallet putters are usually adopted by the players who have straight-through and straight-back stroke style and are also used to improve the alignment. Although many professional golfers conventionally commence with the blade putters, but with the advancement of mallet putters, they have now started showing its presence.

On the other hand, people who have an arc-style stroke typically adopt blade putters because of the weight distribution between the toe and heel. Yet, players who like traditional style, choose blade putters because of their small heads and customization options.

Head Balancing

Once you have understood your stroke style and identified which putter style is best for you, determine the head balancing which is also related to the weight distribution of the putter. Depending upon whether your stroke style is arc or straight-through, you would need a toe-hand or face-balanced putter.

A face-balanced putter permits you to maintain a square putter face all across the stroke. However, a toe-hang putter provides you a great opportunity to putt with a reliable arc and reach the ball right on the target.

To check whether the putter is toe-hang or face-balanced, you simply execute a small test. to check the putter, balance the shaft horizontally across your palm and let its head rotate on its resting position. If the face points towards the sideward or downward, then it would be toe-hang putter. If its face is towards upside, it means it is a face-balanced putter.

Shaft Length

I have seen many people ignore length while choosing the putter because they say length doesn’t matter. But it does. Your standing posture, eye contact, and stroke path all depend upon the shaft length and can be impacted by its length.

To identify the most precise shaft length for you, you can perform a simple test; first of all, make a putt normally, then drop the golf ball from your left eye. If the ball is dropped right on your intended target, it means you are with an ideal shaft length. Traditionally, the standard shaft length varies from 32 to 36 inches depending upon the player’s height.

Grip Type

Last but not least, you must not ignore the grip type, because grip is very important to hold the putter and make a straight swing. In the market, you would get hundreds of grip types if they are being chosen on individual preference. Some golfers like thick and wide grip because it helps them diminish the wrist hinge while putting strokes. On the other side, a heavy grip provides the feel of lighter head weight. You can check multiple grips by holding and make a swing and determine which style suits you.

Bottom Line

Concluding my whole article, I hope, with all the given information, you can select the most appropriate putter for your golf sport. The most reliable way to pick the right putter for you is by considering every aspect with focus. Once you have explored all of these components, it won’t take a single second to select the best putter option for you. Understanding these elements not only helps you in choosing the right putter but you’ll be prepared well for your next game and become prominent.

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