How to Measure a Putter Length?

How to measure putter length

There is no conflict that a Best Putter aids you a lot in refining your golf sport, however, when it comes to picking a putter, the most significant aspect to see is its length. The key element of a putter is the right posture and eye-line while striking the ball.

It means if the putter length is too long, it would move your eye line inside the ball. On the other hand, if it is shorter than the ideal one, then the eye-line can get above the ball.

Nevertheless, picking a putter with the correct length is crucial to putt the ball right into the hole. Yet, the fact is, many golfers underestimate the perfect length of the putter due to which they may lack their focus, and ultimately their performance gets affected.

Although when you are about to purchase a putter, the foremost thing you need to do is to measure the length of your putter that fits you ideally. Yet, if you don’t know how to measure the putter’s length, I am here to guide you with some tips to know everything about measuring the length of your putter.

4 Easy Steps to Measure the Putter Length Correct Way

Here are four simplest steps to follow to measure the length of the putter. Measure it in the right way and determine if it is ideal for you or not.

1. Hold the putter in a way that its axis is even on the ground. No matter if you hold your putter in a slightly toe-up posture, hold the putter still from the center.

2. Now measure your putter using a measuring tape or device. You can easily measure it by placing it from the center of your putter to its bottom.

3. The next step is to keep your measuring tape very close to the shaft and mark the grip top using your ruler.

4. However, the number shown at the grip’s top is the length of your putter.

Factors to Ponder while Measuring Putter Length

There are several factors to consider while measuring a putter. Let’s discuss these aspects to make it easier for you to discover the most suitable putter length for you.

1. Height of the Golfer

First of all, consider your height before going to purchase a putter since height is the primary factor that matters enormously and affects you directly while picking the best putter for you. However, there are some putters that contain standard size for normal-height players.

Yet, if a golfer is taller than a standard height, for instance, 5’10” then I would suggest picking a 34-inch-length putter. However, for 6ft. players, 35inch putter is recommended.

The length of a putter impacts directly the direction and distance control and helps you putt it with high accuracy.

2. Standing Posture while Putting

Another most important factor to consider is the posture while putting the ball to the hole. After measuring your height, you must recognize in which stance you stand while hitting the ball. Though while putting, a golfer must stand in a comfortable position to swing the putter straightforwardly; the right position ironically affects your score results.

 Notwithstanding, the most common and popular stance presently is slightly inclining the body at the waist and the slight bend of knees through which your eyes are directly over the ball. This posture lets you strike the ball in a to and fro motion by using your shoulder as the axis of your body.

The best way to analyze the ideal length of a putter is by standing the same way.

3. EyePoint in Stance

One more factor to be considered while measuring the length of a putter is the eyepoint in your stance. The eyes of the golfer should be fallen straightforwardly over the ball. By doing this, it represents that you have got the perfect length of your putter.

However, if your eyes are falling out of the ball, it means you chose a shorter putter which may cause the golfer to stand too far back. If you use a short putter length, it would need your stance either too close to the back or you would have to bend too much. It would ultimately end up with acute back or neck pain.

Nevertheless, when you stand in a more bending posture at your hips, it may generate stress in your lower-back which results in permanent pain in your back. These all are the indications of selecting a short putter.

4. Weight of the Clubhead

Moreover, while choosing the ideal length of your putter, remember, the clubhead weight should also match its length. For instance, if the standard putter length is 35 inches, then the weight of the clubhead should be probably 73 lbs. The matching length of the putter with the weight of the clubhead affects a lot in swinging straightly.

5. Stroke Style

Your stroke style also influences enormously the length of the putter. Though if you choose a long putter length it helps in controlling spontaneous vibration over every stroke. It could be done by fixing the putter towards the chest of the golfer.

According to Jonathan Wall in Golf Magazine, there are three things that you should take into consideration to find the right length for your game.

Common Putter Measuring Tips

While measuring the length of the putter, the right equipment to use should be either aluminum or any metal measuring tool. The total length of this tool should be probably more than 48 inches. However, when you start measuring your putter, its center should be in contact with the ground to get precise results.

Remember, don’t place your putter from its bottom, yet the toe or the heel should be on the ground to measure it accurately. Place the edge of the measuring tool on the back of the putter’s heel and assure that the equipment goes level along with the putter. The total number from the edge of the putter’s grip to the end of the grip is the ideal length of your putter.

In another article of National Club Golfer,  Hanna Holden explains that having the correct length putter can hugely improve your chances of holding out.

Wrapping Up

As discussed above, the length of the putter should be picked wisely because the right length of the putter can impact your score significantly. Other than this, a short putter length can give back and neck pains or wrist injuries but to accomplish your desired putter length, measure your putter in a correct manner.

Therefore, the actual procedure of measuring the right and exact putter is not that challenging. However, discovering the ideal length for your personal use and correct putting stroke style could be a great task.

Make sure that you choose the correct measuring tool and even ground where you place your putter to get precise results. Yet, keeping the axis of the putter on a flat surface and lining the measuring device up along with the shaft is only the way to measure.

However, your end results should be in-between 32 to 55 inches, but remember the putter should not be altered or fitted. Since the fitting r cutting could affect your measurement greatly.

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