Are Expensive Putters Worth It?

Are Expensive Putters Worth It

Robby Locke once said, “Among golfers, the putter is usually known as the payoff club and how right that is! Putting is in fact a game in itself.”

In golf, there are endless equipment options, especially in golf clubs. Choosing a golf driver could be an overwhelming task, especially when you have a set budget. While hunting for the best putters 2022, you come across multiple price tags, varying from $50 to $5,000. Thus, the question might be tweaked, Are expensive putters worth it?

Mainly, it is up to the player and his performance, but there are undoubtedly several benefits of choosing a pricey putter. They differ from other clubs in terms of material choice, design, feel, and appearance. So, in today’s article, let’s explore how costly putters are worthwhile and how much difference do they make?

Before digging into the performance of the expensive putters, know about the core reason behind their luxuriousness. 

Why are Putters Expensive?

Well, it could depend upon the manufacturers to charge you a high price. Jokes apart, the expensive putters use high-quality materials and premium equipment that definitely pay you off. There is no doubt that some putters are worth their price because of their superlative manufacturing.

Take a simple example of Scotty Cameron putters, which is amongst the most expensive brands in the market. The company uses the latest technology to provide a great feel and offers customization. 

Nevertheless, there are a few factors that may affect the price of a putter. 

Manufacturing Material

Generally, a putter is made from cast or forged steel to make the milled clubface flawlessly even. However, modern-day putters are now manufactured with several materials. You would find putters made with zinc, bronze, brass, titanium, copper, and aluminum. However, the better the material, the more expensive the putter would be.


Starting from the putter styles_ Mallet putters are usually more expensive and complex than the blade ones. This is because of the changed alignment aids and structure of the club. If you purchase a mallet and a blade putter from the same manufacturers, the price will vary.

Moreover, some putters come with the added weight on their heads to improve the wing and help players make it straightforward. Therefore, if you consider a putter with extra weight, you will find it pricey.


Legitimately, customization has its own level. When you want a putter that is totally made according to your requirements, that would definitely cost you more than an ordinary club. The custom putters can get pretty expensive, but they provide you with confidence because they are specifically made for you.

Do Expensive Putters Make a Difference?

So these were about the elements that could affect the price of a putter. But the main question is whether these costly putters impact your performance or not. Well, there is a specific answer for that.

Instead, I would say it all depends upon the individual’s own practice and devotion. When it comes to the putter, the most considerable element is the confidence of performance. It means your putter should depict your confidence at any cost.

Many best players change their putters with time, but that does not impact their performance. This is because of their own execution. Hence, if you don’t practice regularly, the putter does not matter anyway.


Concisely, expensive putters are worth it, but to some extent!

However, you must be watchful while purchasing because budget also matters a lot. Yet, it is recommended to go for the least expensive putter at your initial stages that is used for practicing. 

Once you become proficient in your game, you can choose the best putter to boost your confidence by holding a fascinating putter in your hands.

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